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When we were younger, Nick and I had a running joke that every time we went on a trip, something always went wrong.  It was usually something major.  We’d lock keys in the car or get it stuck in the snow, miles away from civilization.  We’d get caught in unexpected rain storms and almost freeze to death.  We’d have too close calls with wild animals.  I’m not entirely sure why we had such consistent bad luck.  I like to think that it might have been because we tended to push ourselves harder and harder, further and further, and those setbacks were amazing learning opportunities.  What’s more likely is that we were cocky and reckless.

Whatever the reason, we continually had disastrous trips from when we were 16 until we finished University.  At that point, Nick left town to do his Masters in Windsor and I entered the world of work.  We started doing a lot less trips and felt that we had kicked the curse.  Having said that, at least in my own trips without Nick, I was still having my own share of disasters.  So maybe I was to blame after all.  But we felt that we could now go on a trip together that went without a hitch.  And then the winter trip of 2013 came along.  This was the first trip that we purposefully aborted due to safety concerns.  And it brought back all of the memories of the trips gone bad.


This site is intended to be documentation of our various misadventures, entertainment for you and a big high five to the people who, despite knowing our reputation for attracting disaster, were still brave enough to tag along.  And hey, if you have some misadventures of your own, let us know in the comments or shoot me a note for a guest post!


About Me

As you may have guessed, my name is Mike Kelland.  I’m a bunch of things – dad, husband, entrepreneur, barefoot runner, badminton player, cautious driver, coder, Apple fanboy, optimist, etc… One of my favorite things though, is to get out into nature.  Hiking, canoeing, whitewater, camping, fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, you name it.

By the way, if you’re interested, I help run a site that creates Home History Reports in addition to my software outsourcing business.  Check them both out.  If you’re looking at homes, iVerify has data on:

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